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Memory Lane

Well, fuck, it's been so long since I wrote in here, three maybe almost four years, I don't know what to write about. I stopped reading and writing in it after the pisshead I call my husband didn't quite make it to the kitchen sink after one of his all-nighters and coated the kitchen counter, the dishes I had just washed and my hapless journal in green, chunky vomit. It was probably on St. Paddy's Day, judging by the vomit. It's really something. Greeks could tell time with the sun, I can say what holiday it is by that shiteface's vomit. And after eight years of marriage, I'm something of a master at it.

Vomit aside! Ted made me feel all nostalgic when I saw him looking at his journal these last few days and three years seems like a long enough time to let something decontaminate etc., so I made a weekend out of ripping apart our closet to find my journal and some of my old things. I even found the box with Ted's photos that he wanted to put in an album for our coffee table. I mean how could you not show art of this calibre to your friends and family:

The MILF is Alice Longbottom, and I think she miscarried shortly after this picture was taken so it adds just that much more class to it.
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